For the past 18 years, Sierra’s engineering staff has provided technical & regulatory support to dairies & composting operations Southern California. The staff’s insight & knowledge of the regulatory requirements as well as their technical expertise in implementing compliance measures has assisted the dairy owners and composting operators to achieve compliance in a timely & cost effective manner.

Support in preparation of compliance reports by the California Regional Water Quality Control Boards including,

  • preparation of Engineering Waste Management Plans For Dairies
  • Preparation of Technical Reports For Composting & Wineries Operation
  • Preparation of Nutrient Management Plans For Dairies & Agricultural Resources
  • Design of Storm water & Waste water Collection Ponds
  • NPDES Permit
  • Preparation of Permit Application Document For Wastewater Discharge From The Winery Operations
  • Preparation of Storm water Runoff Exemption (NONA) Report

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