Our staff has extensive expertise in assisting various types of operations with federal, state & local agencies air quality rules requirements for stationary, offroad & mobile equipment. The type of compliance services performed by our staff and associated field personnel include:
  • Preparations of Application Documents for Permits to Construct & Operate, (Local, State & Federal Title V Permits).
  • AQMD warehouse rule 2305 compliance plan.
  • Air quality impact studies & reports
  • Green House Gas, air emissions reporting.
  • Air Modeling & Health Risk Assessment
  • Diesel Engine Particulate Filters sizing and installations.
  • Selection and installation of CO and O2 combustion monitors.
  • Gas Engine, Three-Way Catalysts & Air Fuel Ratio Controller
  • Air Emission Offset & Trading
  • Continuous Air Emission Monitoring
  • Preparation of Annual Air Emission Inventory
  • Sizing, Selection & Installation of Best Available Control Technology for Stationary, Offroad & Mobile Equipment.
  • MSERC, Mobile Source Emission Reduction Credits

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