Our technical staff has prepared cost/benefit analysis, engineering feasibility studies, energy conservation, & environmental impact reports for proposed expansions for various types of industrial & commercial operations, and projects in planning phases.

In view of myriads of air, water & hazardous waste regulations a cost/benefit analysis will help the client to select the most economical & environmentally sound technology for the proposed expansion or process change.

Our staff also has great expertise in the preparation of EIR for the lead air quality agencies.

Our expertise in preparation of Engineering & Environmental Studies include:

  • Preparation of Engineering Feasibility Studies for Various Manufacturing Operations.
  • Preparation of Cost/Benefit Analysis for the Best Available Control Technologies.
  • Preparation of Negative Declaration Report.
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Report for the Lead Air Quality Agencies.
  • Preparation of Biological Assessment Report for Sensitive & Multi Species Habitat Areas.
  • Hazardous Waste Characterization Studies
  • Additional Technical support Includes
  • Engineering drafting support
  • Site Plan & Grading Plan Preparation
  • Erosion Control Plan
  • CEQA Documents
  • Noise Technical Reports

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